Cheap Paris Hotels - Quick tips To Paris Hotel Reservations

Locating a good hotel for the great price inside a big city like Paris, France isn't as hard as finding a needle in a haystack, but it is not so easy! If you are lucky enough to have a friend who knows Paris well, or even better, lives there and may recommend a good hotel within a nice Paris neighborhood, then be my guest, get them to help you make your Paris hotel reservation. However, we are really not all so lucky! For most people, using the internet to find a hotel that gives an excellent value for the money is the best alternative and making the place reservation is a potentially rewarding adventure.

Locating a Paris hotel bargain is pretty possible if you have a few essential guidelines. Initially you need to know where you wish to stay. Paris is a big and diverse city and the location of your hotel may make the difference between a vacation stuffed with magical memories as well as a nightmare made real. One of the links to a good map with descriptions from the Paris arrondissements (districts) is accessible at the end of this article.

Secondly, you will have to decide what kinds of hotel services you may need. Some people want everything from air conditioning to mini-bar to room service, which has a four star restaurant on the premises. Others are pleased with a bed, a bathroom and a shower in a safe part of Paris.

The factors for rating hotels differ from country to country, but in France, hotels get a grade including one to four stars based on the facilities that are available; but such ratings are not an indication of the excellence of the accommodations. That means that the star rating will still only give you a basic idea products facilities a hotel can give. Two-star hotels must have a lift (if appropriate), a cell phone in every bedroom, and at least 40% of the rooms must have a bathroom within the room (en-suite). Three-star hotels must offer breakfast room service and 80% of the rooms must be en-suite, and four-star hotels have to have a restaurant and all the rooms en-suite.

So when you have decided how many stars you need, you're ready to get started. Seeing a travel agent will generally only give use of a limited number of hotels in Paris, and so they won't be the cheapest hotels inside their category. If a bargain will be your objective, you'll be happier searching the web for Paris hotel reservation websites which can be based in France and because of that are able to offer you on-line booking to get a wide range of boutique hotels. Such hotels often offer great value for money!

Don't forget that if a good prices are your objective you must bear in mind that a moderate quality three-star hotel in Paris could possibly be less expensive than the best two-star hotel. Similarly, a great two-star hotel in the Latin Quarter, Saint Germain, or Marais, may cost the same or more than a three-star hotel in an out of the way corner of Paris.

Once you find the Paris hotel you're looking for you'll need to verify its availability on your desired dates and make a booking. On most websites you'll either be able to instantly pay attention to availability or you'll want to submit a form and await confirmation of availability. In either case, you'll generally be asked to provide credit card information. As long as the reservation is submitted with a secure, encrypted connection (website addresses starting with "https" are secure), you won't need to panic about somebody intercepting your credit card information.

There's something more important you'll need to pay attention to when coming up with internet hotel reservations. Although some people might hotels don't ask for any advance payment, they will probably authorize your plastic card, meaning that a certain sum is going to be blocked until you arrive or cancel your reservation. Other hotels might require payment of one night in advance, with this payment being refundable when the booking is canceled at the very least 24 hours before arrival. You need to look at each hotel's cancellation policy to know exactly how much flexibility you've got. Either way, once you book your hotel, you will probably no longer have access to a lot of funds!